A Complete Guide to Seasonal Promotion Ideas for Your Amazon Business

It’s always a season somewhere. If you think holiday marketing begins on Prime Day and ends on New Year’s Day, then think again. Marketing is an all year round effort and there are plenty of ways to make your marketing campaigns more lively to generate more sales for your Amazon business.

Here are the 4 seasons of complete promotion ideas for you to execute, grab your customers’ attention and generate more sales and profits.


Spring season symbolizes the rebirth and renewal of life. This is often a time when people do spring cleanings and businesses can also do inventory cleanings by offering discounts or “Out with the old, in with the new” promotions. Businesses selling cleaning products can leverage this to promote their cleaning products. Below are a few events during Spring season that sellers can get marketing ideas from.

April Fool (April 1st) — This is the day of the year when it’s acceptable to play jokes and fool around with people. You can include a joke in your marketing (i.e. newsletter) to show customers your human side and that you’re not all about selling.

Easter (April 21st) — This is one of the main events that many people celebrate especially in Western countries. You can offer discounts for your products on Amazon storefront and website. A great idea is to run an “Easter Egg Hunt” promotion telling customers you have hidden egg discounts in your social media post and let them search for it.

Mother’s Day — This is the perfect day to promote gift ideas for moms. You can offer special discounts by hosting a competition for customers to post a photo taken with their moms. Have them tag you in their posts or perhaps use specific hashtags so you can announce the winner.

Earth Day (April 22nd) — For sellers who are selling earth-friendly products, this is your time to shine. For instance, you can host giveaways and give out products to winners and promotional codes to those who didn’t win so they have an opportunity to “win” by buying your products at a discounted price.


Summer brings plenty of energy, warmth, and youthfulness in life. This is a perfect time for outdoor activities such as getting a tan at the beach or firing up the barbecue. Check out these occasions for promotion ideas.

Beach Day — For those of you who are selling beach gear (i.e. beach towel, swimwear, hat, etc), you can run a “Beach Vibe” promotion offering product bundling discounts to generate more sales. Sellers selling weight loss products can take advantage of the Summer season since most people want to look fantastic in their board shorts or bikinis.

Prime Day — Prime Day is one of Amazon’s biggest global shopping events exclusively for Prime members. According to Jeff Bezos, Amazon has over 100 million Prime members in 2018 and will continue to grow. This is the perfect time for sellers to offer discounts to Prime members. Be sure to remind customers on your social media channels.

Independence Day (July 4th) — This is another holiday in the US that you can use to run creative promotion ideas. You can celebrate America’s birthday by hosting Independence Day-themed sales event for products that are “Made in USA”.

Back to School — As the summer season is about to end, “Back to School” sales can be seen everywhere in malls. If you think that this has nothing to do with your business, then you are wrong. There are plenty of ways to sell to parents who are thrilled that their kids will finally be gone to school all day. For instance, sellers can host a competition on social media and offer a variety of vouchers (spa, massage therapist, Amazon gift cards, etc) for winners.

Father’s Day (June 16th) — Don’t forget about getting a special gift for your dad! Similar to Mother’s Day, you can run dad related competition on social media to honor fathers around the world.


As the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus once said, “The only constant is change.” Autumn reminds us that our minds and bodies need to change in order to grow. Below are occasions during Autumn that you can capitalize to run your marketing campaigns.

Halloween — Halloween is known as a ritual and celebrated by most people. A great way to scare up your sales is running Halloween themed promotion by including a “treat” when customers make a purchase. You can also create limited edition Halloween products to attract existing and potential new customers.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday — These two usually goes hand in hand and are hosted by most retail and e-commerce companies around the world, Amazon is no exception. Shoppers are expecting huge discounts for products so be sure to give them what they want. HERE’s an article on 5 creative promotion ideas you can run for a more profitable BFCM.

Oktoberfest — This celebration first started in Munich, Germany but is now celebrated all over the world. It doesn’t matter what products you are selling, you can still run an Oktoberfest promotion because why not?


This is the time when you need to sit back, think, and reflect the entire year. You need to bring clarity into your business and focus on what’s working and remove those that are not so you can grow further in the upcoming years.

Christmas — You can run a “12 Days of Christmas” promotion to engage with your audience. Have them comment their favorite Christmas carol or share their Christmas wish list to engage with your posts. Don’t forget to offer prizes for winners to encourage them to participate.

Pro Tip: Keep your text within Facebook guidelines if you plan to run ads. Check your text overlay HERE.

Chinese traditional calendar. Chinese customers love shopping during this time of the year. New outfits, new garlic press, new everything!

Pro Tip: For sellers sourcing from China, keep New Year’s Day — This is the best time to help customers reach their new year resolutions and goals. Whether it’s a personal or business goal, you can run a marketing campaign to help them achieve their goals. HERE’s an article on 5 brilliant New Year marketing ideas.

Valentine’s Day — This is the day that your other half spends his/her paycheck on gifts without any hesitation. Depending on the type of products you sell, you can arrange gift ideas for buyers. For instance, you can create a $100 gift set offering bundled products for buyers.

Chinese New Year — This is the time of the year when Chinese celebrate the beginning of a new year with the idea that manufacturers and suppliers will take time off to celebrate this auspicious event so do place your orders in advance to avoid running out of inventory.

St. Patrick’s Day — While St. Patrick’s Day might not be considered a national holiday, you can still market to your audience to capitalize on the fun. The tradition of wearing green on this day brings itself to all sorts of promotions that apparel sellers can host.

Final Thoughts

There is only about a month between all these occasions so you don’t have to run promotions for all these events. Choose a few that your Amazon business can relate to and mix it up with discounted promotions and informative newsletters. Be sure to plan in advance and market it to your audience on social media channels and emails.

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