Ultimate Guide To Running Amazon PPC to Grow Your Amazon eCommerce Business

  1. The most crucial time to use PPC is when you launch new products to the marketplace. Sponsored product ads help increase visibility among potential customers so you can start selling, make a profit, and also start getting reviews in.
  2. Running sponsored ads help attract and acquire new customers for your business. This amazing tool will help sellers like yourself acquire new customers thus building your brand and audience.
  3. Sponsored product ads can also help boost product sales and BSR (Best Seller Rankings). As your sales increase through Sponsored Product Ads, so does your rankings. These will help increase your organic search ability and you’ll be able to leverage on this.

Sponsored Products Ads Examples

Amazon Sponsored Ads Components

Automatic Targeting Campaign

Manual Targeting Campaign

  1. Broad Match — The keyword can match a shopper’s search terms in any order along with other close variants of your keyword.
  2. Phrase Match — The keyword can match with shopper’s search terms that consist additional words before or after it, minor misspellings, and plurals.
  3. Exact Match — The keyword has to match shopper’s search terms exactly without any other terms in the search; only minor misspellings and plurals are allowed.

Keyword Bidding

3-Step Process to Creating a Successful Ad Campaign

Utilizing The Amazon Search Term Report

How to Calculate Your Ideal ACoS?

  • Cost of Goods (i.e. $8)
  • Product Selling Price (i.e. $26)
  • FBA Fees (Picking & Packing, 15% Amazon selling fees, order handling fees, and monthly storage fees. I.e. $8)
  • Miscellaneous costs (shipping, labelling, etc. i.e.$2)
  • $26–8–8–2 = $8


  1. 9am — 12pm PST
  2. 7pm — 9pm PST



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